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Marie McIntosh, sorter, and H.N. Cole, supervisor of income tax mail at the Dominion Government building on Front Street.
Clerks at Dominion Government Building on Front Street seated on old desks to help customers
Pearl Elliott, tax form sorter, at the Dominion Government building on Front Street.
Dog : Golden Retriever and Pups [not used]
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Dog : See Scarboro, Ont. Internartional All Breed Dog Show
Cat : Owned by Thompson Family on Steeles Ave. Scarboro
Cheetah [copy] [not used]
Deer [not used]
Cat [copy]
Dog : Wearing Diving Mask [not used]
Deer : Riverdale Zoo : Deer in the Snow
Cougar : Having Teeth Fixed [not used]
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Cow [not used]
Cows : Duncan, Bartley and Mary Bull with Jersey Cow. Janet Ball with Ayrshire Calf
Cattle [not used]
Cats : Siamese Cats [not used]
Cattle [not used]
Dog : Dalmatian : Dudley Dupont
Dog : Siberian Husky [copy] [not used]
Dog : Toy Collie, Lassie, Which Bit Boy : See Mrs. Mina Aitken
Cat : Persian Cat Owned by Harry Shearer [copy]
Dog : Poodle, Toni
Dog : Poodle Gigi
Calf & Girl
Cat : Susie : 21 Years Old
Dog : With Pups [not used]
Dog : Collie [not used]
Cat : 20 Years Old : See Mrs. James Mc Cuaig