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City of Montreal : map of central portion
New city map from the air : Galt, Ontario
London military town plan [back]
Street map for the Town of Renfrew, Renfrew County, Province of Ontario
Whitby map [front]
Map and street guide : Welland, Ontario, Canada
Map and street guide : Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Schedule 'A' by-law no. ______ : zoning map of the town of Southampton
Village of Norwich
Windsor military town plan [back]
Map of the city of Woodstock
Windsor military town plan [front]
Ottawa-Hull military town plan
Toronto (West) military town plan
Township of North York
Toronto (East) military town plan
Etobicoke Township master plan for roads : road classification
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1932]
Village of Millbrook
Town of Trenton [zoning]
City of Pembroke, official plan map of the official plan
Tottenham [back]
Tottenham [front]
Lloyd's map of Greater Toronto and suburbs
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1945]
Map of the City of Ottawa and vicinity
Map of the City of Hamilton, engraved expressly for the Canadian Almanac for 1882
Map of the City of Kingston and suburbs
Sketch of the Harbour of Toronto : to accompany a report on it made by command of His Excellency the Lt. Governor for the Information of The Mayor & Corporation
Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Canada