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Toronto visitors' guide [1953 front]
Toronto visitors' guide [1950 back]
Toronto visitors' guide [1953 back]
Toronto visitors' guide [1950 front]
[Scarborough: streets and names]
Etobicoke : population base map
Lloyd's map of Greater Toronto and suburbs
Might's clearview correct city directory map of Greater Toronto [1945]
Borough of East York : existing land use
Borough of York, sewerage system, report on sewers in central area, existing sewer system
Toronto Island, Ontario [West]
Toronto Island, Ontario [East]
Borough of North York : wards
Community plan, borough of Scarborough official plan : schedule "B"
Borough of North York: sheet index
Humber Valley watershed
Proposed C.N.R. yard and access lines
Township of North York
Borough of North York: planning districts
Borough of North York: zoning districts
Borough of North York: postal districts
Etobicoke Township master plan for roads : road classification
Public school districts, lakeshore municipalities [Etobicoke]
Toronto Transportation Commission route map:  August 31, 1921
Tremaine's map of the county of York, Canada West
Plan of the town and harbour of York
City of Toronto and liberties
Official plan of the Metropolitan Toronto planning area : existing land use, 1963 : plate 1
Study area map : produced for the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Transportation Study
Toronto (East), Ontario, land use [map] = Toronto (est), Ontario, [carte d']aménagement du terrain