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Sketch of Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair & part of Lakes Huron & Ontario intended to shew the extravagant claims to lands in the District of Hesse
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Toronto : plan shewing the boundaries as marked on the ground of the Military Reserve belonging to the Ordnance in the city
Plan of the harbour, fort and town of York the capital of Upper Canada
Map showing wooded and prairie tracts in part of northern Alberta and portions of the districts of Assiniboia and Saskatchewan, North West Territory
Map of the township of Etobicoke, in the county of York
Plan of the Town of Goderich : laid out on the principle of Proforma Plan
Plan of York
Plan of the town and harbour of York
Sketch of the ground in advance of and including York, Upper Canada
Plan of the Town of York
New map of the county of Huron, Canada West [NE]
New map of the county of Huron, Canada West [NW]
New map of the county of Huron, Canada West [SW]
New map of the county of Huron, Canada West [SE]
Map of the Ottawa and Huron territory
Map from the Pacific Ocean across the Rocky Mountain zone : to accompany report on the exploratory survey
Carte du Canada et des terres decouvertes vers le lac d'Erié
Bird's eye view of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Bird's eye view of Napanee Ontario, Canada
Plan of the City of Toronto and suburbs : shewing new & old ward divisions
Plan of the city of Toronto, shewing proposed system of parks and boulevards to accompany Mayor McMurrich's report to council, 11th November 1882
City of Toronto, published expressly for the Toronto City Directory and for sale by R. L. Polk & Company. Room "S" Victoria Chambers, Toronto
Map of Toronto
Copy of part of the "Plan of improvements" to be made in front of the City of Toronto shewing the water lots granted to the City Corporation in terms of a Minute in Council bearing date the 17th day of August 1837
Bryce's new index map of Toronto
Map of Quebec in counties
Government map of part of the Dominion of Canada, embracing the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, &c
McMillan's map of New Brunswick, 1867
British North America