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Manitoba's Climate Change and Green Economy Action Plan
Tomorrow Now: Manitoba's Green Plan
Vereinigte Staaten Von Nord-Amerika In 6 Blattern, Bl. 2. [Dominion of Canada (southwest), Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota Wisconsin]
Map of part of the Northwest Territory including the province of Manitoba exhibiting the several tracts of country ceded by the Indian Treaties 1, 2, 3, and 4
Pelissiers Brewery on Red [River]
[Transcona] Suburban Housing
St. Boniface Residence
[Transcona]/C.P.R [Canadian Pacific Railway] Shops
Louis Riel's Grave, Winnipeg
Disraeli Bridge
St. Boniface
[Église du Précieux Sang/Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church], St. Boniface
Grey Nuns Residence, St. Boniface
Grey Nuns, St. Boniface
Gas Works, Point Douglas
Red River Style, [Leila] Ave[nue]
Brown & Rutherford [Lumber], Point Douglas
Donald H. Bain Building in the Exchange District
St. Vital
Newfoundland-Style Residence, St. Boniface
Old St. Boniface Sewer
[Winnipeg] Manitoba
St. Boniface
City Dump
Old plantation at Hope Farm, St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba
[Transcona Sulphuric] Acid Plant
1911-built thatched home
St. Boniface Cathedral/Basilica
La [Barriere], St. Norbert
Archbishop's Palace, St. Boniface