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Novae lnsulae XXVI Nova Tabula. [Back]
Novae lnsulae XXVI Nova Tabula. [Front]
A New and Accurate Map of Africa. Drawn from the best & most approved Modern Maps and Charts and regulated by Astronomical Observations by Eman Bowen.
Americae mappa generalis secundum legitimas projectionis stereographicae regulas
Chart of the World showing New Route through Canada between England, China, Japan, Australasia and the East. By J. Johnston. Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada, 1886.
The black snake in Sioux country showing the Dakota Access Pipeline reroute through former Sioux lands and its consequences
Seaman family videos : 2nd Carnival Montreal 75
Women with A.I.D.S
Sex, drugs and AIDS
AIDS Committee of Toronto Collection
Critical Distance : Gallery opening
S/pace (open captions)
Painting on Film with Adam Wolfond
گلهای رنگارنگ (Golhaye Rangarang No. 270)
گلهای رنگارنگ (Golhaye Rangarang No. 312)