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Protests, 1984-1998
Protests, 1984-1996
Protests, 1984-1996
University Ave. Demonstration at U.S. Consulate Re Dominican Reublic.
Photograph of three women and baby
Portrait of five young men on swing
Photograph of soldiers in front of building
Photograph of smiling soldier in garden
Photograph of construction site
Photograph of soldiers at camp with flags
Photograph of soldier in front of run-down structure
Photograph of ladies on cannon
Newspaper clipping: "A British Chaplain at a Burial on the Battlefield"
Photograph of  soldier at camp wearing bandolier
Photograph of smiling soldier in garden
Photograph of  soldier at railroad
Composite : Class of 1960
Vari Hall : Ground breaking ceremony
Group portrait of nurses, staff and officers of American Y.M.C.A., Plymouth
Group portrait of American Y.M.C.A. Plymouth Feb. 23rd 1919
Portrait of Florence Emily Fortune Bartlett
York Lanes (shops), 1985-1989
York Lanes (shops), 1985-1989
Student Centre, 1984-1992
Women Issues, 1989-1991
YFS - York Federation of Students, 1992-1993