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Protests, 1984-1998
Protests, 1984-1996
Elvis Presley : [copy] [not used]
Toronto Air Views. Sherbourne Street. Ont. Cancer Institute
Ontario and Howard Sts. Apartment House To Be Built
Ontario Street Rooming House
Communists - miscellaneous
Media (press), 1985-1998
Gay and lesbian
Gay and lesbian
Gay and lesbian
Environment, 1985-1992
Environment, 1985-1991
Protests, 1990s
Protests, 1990s
Protests, 1990s
Protests, 1990s
Protests, 1990s
Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events and figures by Domingos Marques and others for Comunidade
Acadian Music
Shenaz Baksh family videos : Liberty Village
Isaac family videos : Sacré-Cœur Christmas concert
Long Branch, Ont. : School Strike. : Re- Crossing Guard.
Long Branch, Ont. : Near Drowning
Long Branch, Ont. : Water Main Break [not used]
Long Point Beach, Ont. : 5 Kids Drowned in Undertow
Long Branch, Ont. : Swimming at Marie Curtis Park