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Letter to the City Yet to Come
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/James Earl Jones/Inniskillin Wine/The Waltons/Jean-Marc Rozon
The Dini Petty Show : "The Best of Dini"
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/Anne Rice/Oscar Meyere Weinermobile/Hulk Hogan/Bettie Bradley
Trojan Horse Cafe performance
Papadatos recording
Papadatos recording
McInnis speeches to Dr. Ross, graduates and honourary graduates on behalf of York University
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
Killing us softly
The Fable of he and she
Self Health
STD Blues
V.D. and women
Making it
Purposes of family planning
Would I ever like to work
VD Attack Plan
The Feminist Porn Archive Project: Questions from a Working Ontologist
Jean Augustine interview: Yes Canada 92, No Brian 93 button
Jean Augustine interview: Women in Red 2004 button
Jean Augustine interview: West Indian Social and Cultural Society button
Jean Augustine interview: We're Canadian take it to heart button
Jean Augustine interview: Boycott W5 program button
Jean Augustine interview: Jean throws buttons in corner