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Boats, H.M.S. "Felicity" : entertained children
Shipping, "Empress of France" : crew members strike
H.M.C.S. "Gatineau"
Boats, "Cutknife II" : R.C.M.P. cutter
Toronto air views, waterfront
Boat, "Empress of France" : being prepared for royal tour
Boats, "Henry Argent"
Boat, "James Norris" commissioned
Boats, "Henry Argent"
Boat, "H.J. Dixon" : passengers mutiny
Shipping, "Flo Cooper", tugboat
Boats, "Curlew" : power cruiser
Toronto air view, waterfront
Shipping, "John Ericsson" : cargo handlers dispute
Boats, S.S. "Collier" : coal ship
Shipping miscellaneous : "Glenelg", "Thunder Bay", etc. prepare for opening of season
Shipping, "Dracone"
Boats, "Diamond Alkali", coal freighter
Boats, "Haidee" & R.C.N.V.R. cadets in training tour
Boat, "Dundee"
Shipping : ["Elizabeth Schulte"] : construction equipment for Jamaica being loaded
"City of Dover" : bought by Penetang group
Shipping, U.S.S. "Daniel Joy"
Shipping, "Ithaka" : ship stranded in Hudson Bay
Ship, "Happy B." : explosion
Ship, "Happy B." : explosion
Shipping, "Fort Chambly"
Air views, waterfront : ocean liners around Pier 4
Shipping, "Frank H. Brown" : being loaded at Oshawa
Boat, "H.J. Dixon" : passengers mutiny