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Surveyor's Map of southwestern Manitoba - 1877
Seine [River] in St. Vital
Ralph Connor House
CBD [Commercial Business District]
Ice going out on Assiniboine [River]
Shelter belt
St. Boniface Cathedral/Basilica
Wolseley [Avenue]
Portage [Avenue] & Main [Street], Winnipeg
Planning a new farmstead
Late 19th-century Mennonite farmstead in a village
Fort Garry
[Late 19th-century] house at River Avenue and Wilmot Place intersection
Beatles : Don Grant negs : Front page of After 4 : Concert
George Papadatos welcoming Manos Loizos at the Pearson International Airport
A. Papandreou - official visit, Toronto, 1983.
A. Michailidis singing, Y. Vourakis - guitar - late 1970s
Participants in a gathering of the Greek Community of Toronto are standing and listening to a speech.
Manos Loizos and George Papadatos talking
Photo archives, 1989-1996
Political demostration by Buddhist monks
CNE : Sports
Federal savings and loan : Attempted robbery
Royal Bank of Canada : College and Bay : Robbery [not used]
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Centennial [International] Fellowships