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Huron Street School : Christmas Play [Not Used]
National Trust Co. : Yonge at Fairlawn : Robbery
Can. Bank of Commerce : Glencairn and Dufferin : Robbery [Not Used]
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce] : St. Clair and Vaughan Road : Holdup [Not Used]
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : In Union Station : Robbed
Haliburton : Camp Gay Venture
Hallowe'en : Corpus Christi school [not used]
Toronto Dominion Bank : 100th anniversary [not used]
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Toronto Domininon Bank
New Argo field goal kicker.
Kensington Market.
Racing : Old Woodbine Racetrack
Yorkville : Three mothers search for daughters
Yorkville : Three mothers search for daughters
Ralph Connor House
Tree-lined intersection west of the Manitoba Legislature
Isbister Building, University of Manitoba
[Winnipeg] Old Workhousing East of Main [Street]
Convent - Frontenac Hotel
Winnipeg City Hall
Alexander Docks
Angled view of back of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Winnipeg City Hall
Houses on Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg Post Office Completed in 1886