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Founders College Dining Hall
Bank of Commerce [Not Used]
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Foreign Exchange Counter [Not Used]
Hallowe'en : Withrow Park : Kids with pumpkin
Haliburton : Camp Gay Venture
Hallowe'en : Lambton-Kingsway P.S.
Haldimands [not used]
Dogs and Cat : Arriving at Malton from Hollywood [not used]
Food : Gourmet Foods at Colonnade Gourmet Shop and Home of the Gourmet.
Arnhem, Holland : Moore Sculpture [not used]
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Arnhem, Holland : Moore Sculpture [not used]
Malton New Woodbine Racetrack : Queens Plate action
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Terrace housing opposite Central Park
Winnipeg City Hall [demolition
Government House (Lieutenant-Governor's official residence)
Track & Field Bldg. under construction
View of Track & Field Site from N.E.
Bus sequence to Ross Bldg - Ross Bldg. view
Bus sequence to Ross Bldg.
Good shot of Vanier College and Residence
[to be supplied]