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Montreal Trust Tower
Royal Bank of Canada : College and Bay : Robbery [not used]
Architecture : Canadian Inventory of Historical Buildings
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Spadina and Bloor : Robbery
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce] : Robbery : Queen and Carlaw [Not Used]
Hair styling : Lili Jakel
Haliburton, Ont. : Toronto jaycees erect cabin [not used]
Hallowe'en : Letros [not used]
Hallowe'en : Young Men's Can. Club [not used]
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hair styling : Lili Jakel
Hallowe'en party : UNICEF party for Huron and Lord Dufferin P.S. [not used]
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hallowe'en party : John Innes Centre [not used]
Food Prices : Housewives Protest [not used]
Chimp : Heidi [not used]
Chimp : Heidi : At City Hall
Chimp : Heidi : At City Hall
Cat : Ginger -- Has Broken Leg
Food : Ways in which Food Arrives in Toronto
Jim Corrigall : Signing with Argos
Toronto Dominion Bank : Bathurst and Melrose Branch : Attempted robbery : Alan Cameron and Alistair Milroy filed under names
Royal Trust Company
Cyprus : Hellyer in Germany and Cyprus [not used]
Delhi, Ont. : Tobacco Workers [not used]
Armistice Day : Cenotaph at Old City Hall
Paupers : Musical Group : Rehearsal [not used]