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Hurricane Hazel
Toronto Streets : Leslie Street : woman found drowned
95 Lawton Boulevard : man fell from apartment to death
Lois Marshall : in hospital
Lakeshore Road : T.T.C. signs
TTC : Opening day of subway : People in stations, riding cars etc. : no. 1
North York : Don Mills area : discards
Development of campus buildings : Vanier residence under construction project no. 371
Lakeshore Boulevard : flooded
Macpherson Avenue : coal chute from which Norm Winger was rescued
Lighthouse : Music group
85 Larchmount Road : T.N.T. found in basement
Juno awards
Kate Reid : On the bluffs
Bruce Cockburn musician
Womens liberation : Bill of rights demonstration [at] Queen's Park
Night clubs
E.P. Taylor and wife
Markham Street : Puchalski ax murder
McLennan Street Bridge
MacLennan Hill Overpass : John Innes climbing overpass
Melinda Street : man falls from scaffold
Lowther Avenue : RE University Fraternities
Kilburn Weldon and wife : wedding former Lois Marshall