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Danforth Avenue : used car signs
Danforth Avenue : two boys killed in paint thinner explosion
College Street : sidewalk cafe to close
College Street : immigrants
Immigrants : Greek immigrants at Malton
Immigrants : Dutch immigrants
Immigrants : Dutch immigrants
Immigrants : at Union Station
Immigrants : at Union Station
Immigrants : Greek displaced persons arrive at Union Station
Immigrants : Dutch immigrants arrive at Union Station
Boat, "Dundee"
Boat, "Dalton"
Clifton Road : extension
Church - wood - Alexander district : new apartments
Church Street : tearing down old buildings in Church - Wood - Alexander - Yonge area for apartment project
Immigrants : from behind the Iron Curtain
Immigrants : British immigrants
Boats, "Henry Argent"
Boats, "Curlew" : power cruiser
Boat, "Dundee"
Air views, waterfront : ocean liners around Pier 4
Boat, "H.J. Dixon" : passengers mutiny
Boat, "Imperial Leduc" : Alberta oil brought to Ontario
Boats, H.M.C.S. "Guelph"
Boat, S.S. "Hamiltonian" burned
Boats, H.M.S. "Felicity" : entertained children
Toronto air views, waterfront
Tugboat "Finglo" sunk
Boat, "Cayuga" : first sailing