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George Papadatos at the Greek Community of Toronto
Brazilian groups : Canadian Brazilian Society carnival ball
Ronnie Hawkins : Entertainer
Banks : Robbery : [Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce]  : Overbrook Pl. & Elder Sts.
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Bloor and Yonge : Robbery [Not Used]
Haliburton : Camp Gay Venture
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hairstyles : Child models - Christmas styles. Estelle Wideman kids.
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hallowe'en : Biggart and Pitts children cut out pumpkin [not used]
Hallowe'en : Lord Dufferin old boys party for the school [not used]
Hairdressing show : Seaway Towers [not used]
Hairstyles : Of 20's, 40's and 70's [not used]
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hairstyling : Vicki Runge salon
Chimp : At C.B.C. [not used]
Food Prices : Housewives Protest [not used]
Toronto Domininon Bank : Re merger with Midland Bank
Toronto Dominion Tower : Topping off tower
Toronto-Dominion Bank : Queen and Bay Street : Attempted robbery and shooting
Malton, New Woodbine Racetrack : Queens Plate fashions
Allan Fleming : Executive art director at MacLaren Advertising co.
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Coop Secy & family, Capiz