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Mariposa Festival
Hairstyling : Vicki Runge salon
Hairstyles : Child models - Christmas styles. Estelle Wideman kids.
Hallowe'en party : UNICEF party for Huron and Lord Dufferin P.S. [not used]
Hallowe'en : Roberta Hamilton, and twins Deborah and Duncan
Hallowe'en : Rebecca and Jason Watts
Hallowe'en : Apples and chocolates with razor blades in them
Hairdressing : Can. team bound for European championships [not used]
Hair styles : Vicki Runge
Hallowe'en : Thompson house
Hairdressing : Wigs
Cats : At Thorncliffe Plaza [not used]
Dogs : Obedience Trials
Toronto Dominion Tower : Topping off tower
Toronto Domininon Bank : Re merger with Midland Bank
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Edmonton St[reet] Castle
Wellington Crescent Residence
Church and Wellington streets : Flatiron building
[to be supplied]
Near Shizuki, Awaje-shima
[to be supplied]
Rock Festival - Mariposa