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CNE : Night rides
Foleyet, Ont : Floods
Royal Bank of Canada : Main branch : Toronto Symphony Musicale
Imperial Bank : Queen Street and Kingston Road : Robbery
Can. Imperial Bank of Commerce : Eglinton W. and Glenarden Rd : Robbery
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce]  : Dovercourt and College : Robbery [Not Used]
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Applewood Acres, Ont. : South Peel Camera Club
Applewood Acres, Ont. : Christmas Festival at Applewood United Church
Royal Bank of Canada : Laying foundation stone for new bldg. : King near Yonge [not used]
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Hamilton, Ont. : Torso found [not used]
Halls Lake, Ont.
Halls Lake, Ont.
Hamilton, Ont. : Camera trap set up in Robinson Cone Co. [copy]
Hamilton, Ont. : Woman found beaten to death [not used]
Dog : Has Diabetes [not used]
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Biafra : Copies Made from Color Slides Used in Pete Worthington Stories
Biafra : Copy Negs [not used]
Toronto-Dominion Bank : Queen and Bay Street : Attempted robbery and shooting
Cyprus : Canadian Troops in Cyprus [not used]
Royal Bank : Jarvis and Charles : Robbery [not used]
Cuba : Havana Etc.
Spadina Ave. : Model of new building
Ryerson Institute : Kerr Hall
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