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Long Branch, Ont. : Proposed Long Branch Pumping Station [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Leaking Chemicals from R.R. Tank Car. : Aerial [not used]
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Hamilton, Ont. : Mc Master University grads
Hairdressing : Rayko Coiffure, Nicholas
Hamilton, Ont. : Air views of cemetary murder [not used]
Dogs : Dalmation etc. Re Cold Weather
Cat : Owned by Mrs. Harold Walker [copy]
Deer [not used]
Cattle Show [not used]
Crab [not used]
Cattle Show [not used]
Royal Bank : King and Yonge : Scene of murder-suicide of Marion Spencer and David Hill
Food : Frozen foods
Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Wildflower Reserve [Don Valley Parkway near Todmorden Mills Park]
Spademan and Shearer tree farm
Glen Major Trail OPT 2
Gravel pit, west of Raglan
Ganaraska Forest Centre
Manitoba Region 3