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Can. Imperial Bank Commerce : College and Yonge : Robbery [Not Used]
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
Armistice Day : City Hall Cenotaph etc. : City Hall Cenotaph
[Armi]stice Day Celebrating
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Vaughan and St. Clair [Not Used]
Hamilton, Ont. : Arts and science grads : McMaster University
Hamilton, Ont. : Memorial service for victims of maritime central plane crash
Chimp : Escaped From Riverdale Zoo
Brasilia, Brazil : New Capital [copy]
Calf & Girl
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Toronto Dominion Bank : Eglinton and Heddington : Robbery
Royal Bank : Bay and Temperanke : Holdup
Rochdale College : Accident scene
Rock Festival - Mariposa