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House on McDermot Avenue, with parts of the back and side of two other houses visible
Mcintyre Block
Prairie farmstead with shelter belt near Macdonald, Manitoba
H.J. Macdonald's residence, built 1896
Gypsum Plant in West End, [Winnipeg]
Papadatos speaking – KKE event
Archery contest at CNE
Hairdressing : Guild of hair design
Bank of Commerce : Willimington & Overbrook
Planting rice near Jogja
Osgoode Hall
Stong college
Hong Kong : Siu Wan Bay Cemetery : Canadian pilgrimage
John Gomm, centre, was seen away by Teddy Hill, left, and Bill Leak
Farm at Matsushima
Beasts as burden: bovine and semole (human) in Beppu
Drying corn, Sabani, N. Ecija
Clearance for airport, Queen, Bukidnon
Photographs of Philippines : Rural scenes, Agriculture, Iloilo
Scenes : Iliolo-capiz, farming scenes