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Edmonton St[reet]
Building undergoing demolition [or renovation] on Sherbrook Street
House on Wellington Crescent
Houses on Selkirk Avenue
Can. Imperial Bank of Commerce : Robbery [not used]
Royal Bank : Opening of new bank at 22 King Street W.
Hairstyles : Child models - Christmas styles. Estelle Wideman kids.
Mel Profit : Signing with the Argos..
Food : Gourmet Foods at Colonnade Gourmet Shop and Home of the Gourmet.
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Toronto Dominion Tower : Topping off tower
Toronto Dominion Bank : 100th anniversary [not used]
Aerial view of Campus from the north east
Sculpture outside Fine Arts Bldg
Central Sq. & Library from Ross H. & S.S. Bldg.
Centre for Fine Arts Phase II from southeast
[to be supplied]
[to be supplied]
Plowing, Cam. Sur