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Pelissiers Brewery on Red [River]
Angled view of back of the [1893-built] Immaculate Conception Church
Winnipeg City Hall [demolition
Planning a new farmstead
London, Ont. : Re Stiff Penalties Handed Out for Shoplifting [not used]
London, Ontario. : University of Western Ontario Marijuana Smoke In [not used]
Can. Imperial Bank of Commerce : Robbery [not used]
Royal Bank of Canada : College and Bay : Robbery [not used]
Can. Imp. Bank of Comm. : Yonge & Pleasant Blvd Branch : Robbery
Banks : Robbery : [Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce]  : Overbrook Pl. & Elder Sts.
Hairdressing : Guild of hair design
Hairstyles : Penny, Anne Marie, Jill, Christine
Hairdressing : Judy Lander at Carusos [not used]
Food : Ways in which Food Arrives in Toronto
Fondue : Childrens Swiss Fondue Party [not used]
Toronto Dominion Bank : 100th anniversary [not used]
R. Bob Dylan
View of Track & Field Site from N.E.
View of Central Library prior to precast
W. A. Curtis
Hong Kong : Siu Wan Bay Cemetery : Canadian pilgrimage
Preparing the fields near Bandung
Cagayan Prov.