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Tenement building [undergoing demolition]
Old apartment building on Broadway
Construction of the Isbister Building, University of Manitoba in winter
Lyra - musicians performing early 1980s
S. Karambekos at York University, 1980
PASOK politician at Lyra (probably Verivakis) - early 1980s.
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Haliburton, Ont. : Toronto jaycees erect cabin [not used]
Food : Pix Taken for Helen Gagen [not used]
Fondue Party
Food : Gourmet Foods at Colonnade Gourmet Shop and Home of the Gourmet.
Grand Turk Island : Children Receive School Supplies
Toronto-Dominion Bank : Queen and Bay Street : Attempted robbery and shooting
H. & S.S. and Osgoode Hall from S.W. campus
Scott Religious Centre exterior
[to be supplied]
Weeding palay, Capiz