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Aerials. St. James Town
Houses and a tree covered in snow
[Ukrainian church] on Euclid Avenue
[Tenement] building
The first synagogue in Winnipeg, on Martha Street and Henry Avenue
Winnipeg Post Office Completed in 1886
Beatles : At Maple Leaf Gardens : P. C. :  Art health : Baby etc. : Reed negs
Political demostration by Buddhist monks
Can. Imperial Bank of Commerce : Robbery [not used]
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)] : Sherbourne and Dundas : Dentist shot trying to prevent robbery [not used]
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Hallowe'en : Lambton-Kingsway P.S.
Fondue : Childrens Swiss Fondue Party [not used]
Grand Turk Island : Children Receive School Supplies
Toronto-Dominion Bank : Queen and Bay Street : Attempted robbery and shooting
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Mariposa Festival
Vanier College Courtyard
Vanier College Courtyard
[to be supplied]
Near Pangalinan, Java
Rice planting, Camarines Sur