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Mariposa Festival Maple Leaf Stadium
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce]  : Seen Through Window of Old Telegram
Hairdressing : By Mr. Gino, Bay Beauty salon
Food Store : Cira Bros. Food Store Closes
Folk Concert [not used]
Toronto Domininon Bank
Toronto Dominion Tower : Topping off tower
Royal Bank Bldg. [not used]
New Woodbine Racetrack : Queens Plate advance
Five men, using four shovels at the sod turning for Keele Campus.
[to be supplied]
[to be supplied]
Mariposa Folk Festival : Innis Lake
New Object
Sod turning, general view
Sod turning, general view
Winnipeg from St. Boniface
From train between Oshamanbe and Otaru, Hokkaido
Hokkaido from train, South of Sapporo
Tea plantation at Pangalinan, Java, near Bandung
Rice planting, Kanagawa-ken