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Hang Sauh, outside Saigon
Footes Bay, Ont. : Cottage where kidnap victim Mrs. H.R. Nelles was held
Hallowe'en : Toronto Symphony Jr. womens committee party
Haliburton : Camp Gay Venture
Toronto Dominion Center : High steel workers
Royal Bank Bldg. [not used]
Arnhem, Holland : Moore Sculpture [not used]
Cyprus : Hellyer in Germany and Cyprus [not used]
New Woodbine : fasions Queens Plate day
Woodbine Racetrack : start stell work at new Woodbine
New Woodbine : opening : fashions
New Woodbine : opening : fashions
New Woodbine : opening : fashions
Rock Festival - Mariposa
Map - Locations in 1800-1826
Ontario farmstead in Darlingford
Roslyn Gables
Portrait of Mrs. Charles Whalen, seated
[to be supplied]
Demonstration of the Nuclear Disamament Network of Toronto.
Wurfel-saw at top just after sunrise (bitterly cold), Fuji-saw