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Mariposa Festival
Hallowe'en : Letros [not used]
Haliburton : Camp Gay Venture
Paupers : Musical Group : Rehearsal [not used]
Fence that has drifted
London, Ont. : Re Stiff Penalties Handed Out for Shoplifting [not used]
Immigrants : from Iron Curtain countries
London, Ont. : Labatt Plant, London, Ont. [not used]
Long Branch, Ont. : Water Main Break [not used]
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[to be supplied]
[to be supplied]
Fighting in Hue, Marine Casualties
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[to be supplied]
Mariposa Folk Festival : near Brampton : Caledon East
Mariposa Folk Festival
Lambros Vassiliou singing at Trojan Horse Coffee House
Gathering in support of Cyprus
Newly planted shelter belt near Plum Coulee
Destroyed woodlot at Hope Farm