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Papadatos and Zekominos - early 1980s
London, Ont. : Measles Shots for Children
London, Ont. : Re Stiff Penalties Handed Out for Shoplifting [not used]
London, Ont. : Labatt Plant [not used?]
CNE : [Kids on roller coaster]
CNE : [Kids on roller coaster]
Footes Bay, Ont. : Cottage where kidnap victim Mrs. H.R. Nelles was held
Mariposa Festival Centre Island
Haliburton, Ont. : Colour tour
Hallowe'en : Lambton-Kingsway P.S.
Haliburton, Ont.
Food Fair '70
Food : Ways in which Food Arrives in Toronto
Grand Turk Island : Children Receive School Supplies
Hong Kong : Fred Nossal Negs
Hong Kong
Arnhem, Holland : Moore Sculpture [not used]
Hong Kong
Rock Festival - Mariposa
CNE : Kids
Palliser Map - 1865
Fighting in Hue, Marine Casualties
Demonstration for Cyprus.