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Labor Unionists : Protest Rand Report
Beatles : Crowd outside rear entrance to Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto-Dominion Bank : Queen and Bay Street : Attempted robbery and shooting
Greek Groups : AHEPA Organization Dance
Rugby : Argos
Ford Hotel : People who were forced out by Seaton St. Fire [not used]
Wayne Ford : Preliminary trial capital murder charge : also witness, Ron Walli
Mariposa Folk Festival near Caledon East
[Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce] : St. Clair and Vaughan Road : Holdup [Not Used]
Be Kind to Animals Week [not used]
Food Prices [not used]
Allan Fleming : Executive art director at MacLarens advertising co.
Food Prices [not used]
Staff at the Toronto Stanfield office.
Armistice Day : Cenotaph at Old City Hall