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Plan of Brampton
Plan of the town of Barrie, Home District, U.C.
Map of the township of Markham in the County of York
[German company lands : Markham township, Ontario]
[Subdivision of German lands, Markham Township, Ontario]
Geological map of Sudbury nickel region
Chart of Nepigon Bay, Lake Superior
Route map of parts of the Moose River tributaries, districts of Algoma, Sudbury, & Nipissing
Sketch map of the Lake Abitibi region
Map of the Ottawa and Huron territory
[Map of Ontario showing railways]
Map of the province of Ontario, Canada [1908]
Toronto Island, Ontario [West]
Toronto Island, Ontario [East]
Canada : New Canadian flag only 1964 to --
Flags : Union Jack/Red Ensign (Proposed Canadian flag)
Map of the Porcupine gold area, districts of Sudbury and Nipissing, Ontario
Map of cobalt--nickel--arsenic--silver area near Lake Temiskaming, Ont. [1907]
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada, exhibiting the counties and districts therein, also the unsurveyed portions of northern and northwestern Ontario
Mineral map, Ontario
Horses : Greatorex
Horses : Greatorex
Horse : Archworth
Racehorse : Rye Grass