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1906-built Ontario-style barn on the Harry Lowe farm
Log buildings at Teylon [Ukrainian farmstead near] Netley Vale
A tractor powered by internal combustion follows a steam engine
St. Albans
Aerial view of shelter belts
Ontario farmstead in Darlingford
1883-built Roseland United Church near Kemnay
1892-built rural school near Katrime
[Ukrainian settlement near] Arbakka, Manitoba
[St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church] in Mountain Road, Manitoba
Removing shelter belts at a[n abandoned] farmstead [near] Darlingford
Libau, Manitoba
Donald H. Bain Building in the Exchange District
Dam on Crystal Creek sponsored by the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)
1883-built Roseland United Church near Kemnay, Manitoba
Steam locomotive in -30°F temperature [near] Ste. Anne
Fence that has drifted
19th-century Red River-style house in North Kildonan
Church being torn down
[PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)-sponsored] shelter belt construction
Marker in memory of the pioneers of Clifford District and of the Knox Presbyterian stone church
Community pasture sponsored by PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)
Old plantation at Hope Farm, St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba
Prairie farmstead with shelter belt near Macdonald, Manitoba
[Fence lines]
Shelter belt
Forest Fire on Agassiz Reserve
Wilson Farm [near] Belmont
Soil blowing