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Palliser Map - 1865
"New rail link divides the nation" Globe & Mail article (June 2, 1981) by Pierre Berton
Prof. Brown (Guelph University)'s recommendations on prairie shelter belts - 1884
Prairie population distribution in 1961
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
"Winds conjure up dust bowl ghosts" Globe & Mail article (April 25, 1981) by Jeff Sallot
Shelter belt plan - [early 1900s]
Guy McCumsey building his house in Munson, Alberta - 1913
Peter Fidler survey of long lots at Red River - 1813 or 1817
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
Surveyor's Map of southwestern Manitoba - 1877
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
Annual Precipitation in the Prairies
H.Y. Hind's British Parliamentary Report map of the prairies - 1860
Map of south central Manitoba  - ca. 1870
1906-built Ontario-style barn on the Harry Lowe farm
A tractor powered by internal combustion follows a steam engine
Paul Kane - Métis buffalo hunt 1840s
St. Albans
Aerial view of shelter belts
Ontario farmstead in Darlingford
1883-built Roseland United Church near Kemnay
Strip farming in Big Beaver
Donald H. Bain Building in the Exchange District
Dam on Crystal Creek sponsored by the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)
Steam locomotive in -30°F temperature [near] Ste. Anne
Irrigation ditch in Taber
Fence that has drifted
19th-century Red River-style house in North Kildonan