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Immigrants : Dutch immigrants at Union Station
Clifton House Tavern : Pigeons
Beverage room
Photographs of Ross Ramp demolition
Photographs of Ross Ramp demolition
Joe Green
F.A. mime + President McDonald + Joe Green
Joe Green for Gazette
Image of an outhouse with its door wide open.
Staff at the Toronto Stanfield office.
Immigrants : At Union Station
Image of people sitting on the grass at a love-in in Queen's Park.
Image of City Muffin Boys on the steps of the Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre.
Joyce Wieland's hanging "The Camera's Eyes" at The Isaacs Gallery.
Ethnic Groups : Greeks
A young girl and boy dancing, at The Achaian Society's third annual masquerade ball
Paupers : Musical Group : Rehearsal [not used]
Violinist in performance with The Mamas and the Papas at Maple Leaf Gardens
Queen's Own Rifles : Annual Ball
Love-in : Queens Park
Viljo Revell : City Hall architect
Image of an older man looking into the open door of a wooden outhouse in the winter.