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Map of the Township of Otonabee 1860
Whitby, circa 1867, East Whitby
1877 map of Pickering Township
Sketch of Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair & part of Lakes Huron & Ontario intended to shew the extravagant claims to lands in the District of Hesse
Western Ontario
Plan of Cache Bay : being part of lots 9 & 10 concession 1, Township of Springer, District of Nipissing
Map of Sudbury mining district, showing location of mines and mining properties
Long Branch, Ont. : Inaugural [not used]
Haliburton, Ont. : Colour tour
Hamilton, Ont. : Hadassah Bazaar opening [copy]
Manitoba Region 3
Manitoba Region 3
Geological map of Sudbury nickel region
Map of the Porcupine gold area, districts of Sudbury and Nipissing, Ontario
Toronto Island, Ontario [East]
Map of the Province of Ontario, Dominion of Canada, exhibiting the counties and districts therein, also the unsurveyed portions of northern and northwestern Ontario
Map of the city of Hamilton in the county of Wentworth, Canada West [West]
Plan of the town of Kingston shewing its environs three miles on the east and west sides thereof, and six miles to the northward of said town
Plan of the village of Dundalk
Map of Normanby Township
Map of Upper Canada shewing the proposed land agency divisions
Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Canada
Map showing the distribution of Huronian rocks between rivers Batchehwahnung and Mississagui
Carte du Canada et des terres decouvertes vers le lac d'Erié
Map of part of Keewatin shewing Dominion land surveys to 31st December, 1876 [south Kenora district]
The Toronto Harbor Commissioners waterfront conditions 1912
Waterfront development [Toronto] : progress plan, 1914-1921 (inclusive)
Plan of the city of Toronto, shewing proposed system of parks and boulevards to accompany Mayor McMurrich's report to council, 11th November 1882
Map of City of Toronto and suburbs