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York University buildings
Development of campus buildings : Large lecture auditorium [Burton Auditorium] project no. 360
York University buildings
York University buildings
Ross ramp
York University buildings
Ross ramp
Thompson Lake
Preston Lake
Hall Lake
Simeon Lake headwaters, Bruce Creek tributary
Bond, Wilcox, St. George Lakes
Bond, Wilcox
Homes, industry north of Lake St. George
Ballantrae to Musselman Lake and beyond
Oak Ridges
Orchard-Bayview/Leslie, east of Bond Lake
Bloomington Road, Eversley Lake to highway 47
Wilcox Bond St.George Haynes Lake, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Junk yard north side of Wilcox Lake
Innis Lake
Wilcox Lake
Gibson Lake
Mussel Lake east, dead ice topography
Musselman Lake and Shadow Lake
Kettle Lakes, west of Bathurst
Protests, 1984-1996
Protests, 1984-1998