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Musical Totem
Papadatos recording
Papadatos recording
Trojan Horse Cafe performance
Tips for using Zoom with a sign language interpreter
Building pan-African repertoires to disrupt anti-Black racism in music education
Planning the Project - Student Guide to Group Work
Communicating Effectively - Student Guide to Group Work
Understanding the Team - Student Guide to Group Work
Introduction to Group Work - Student Guide to Group Work
An Introduction to Climate Justice Activism in Toronto
Wrapping Up on Climate Justice in Toronto
"Perspectives on Openness": Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Art and Artists in Climate Justice
Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice
Digital Activism and Climate Justice
Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice
S/pace (open captions)
Integrating the music of Africa, the African diaspora, and persons of African descent: Black Music
Painting on Film with Adam Wolfond
The Feminist Porn Archive Project: Questions from a Working Ontologist
Jean Augustine interview: complete with subtitles, April 24, 2014
Jean Augustine interview: Yes Canada 92, No Brian 93 button
Jean Augustine interview: Women deliver button
Jean Augustine interview: Women in Red 2004 button
Jean Augustine interview: West Indian Social and Cultural Society button
Jean Augustine interview: We're Canadian take it to heart button
Jean Augustine interview: Boycott W5 program button