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Musical Totem
New Light / Ancient Light : Metaxy
Building pan-African repertoires to disrupt anti-Black racism in music education
Isaac family videos : Sacré-Cœur Christmas concert
Benzaine family videos : La Ronde
Kwan family videos : Birthdays in the Greater Vancouver Area
Long family videos : Horseback riding
Eddy family videos : running around sprinklers
Ozaki family videos : Christmas morning and playing in the snow
Ozaki family videos : children No. TWO, Kazuo - Centinnal Parade
Ozaki family videos : back-to-back birthdays
Marchant family videos : 3 J.P Birthday 1 year Old 1976 : Part 4 of 4
Watada family videos : shoveling snow
Watada family videos : boy in a sled
Tabobondung family videos : Amesthgot - Father's Day 2005, Building Cabin Aug 2005
Watada family videos : autumn leaves
An Introduction to Climate Justice Activism in Toronto
Wrapping Up on Climate Justice in Toronto
Art and Artists in Climate Justice
Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice
Digital Activism and Climate Justice
Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice
Nundy family videos : Winter in the Laurentian Mountains and Montreal
Nundy family videos : Snow balls, riding snowmobiles, and snowy landscapes
Nundy family videos : Exiting a cottage, driving away, and two children playing in the snow
Nundy family videos : Fall picnic barbecue
Tabobondung family videos : F.N.G.A. 2002
Tabobondung family videos : Skydome Pow wow 2001, City shots - Universe, Rebeka Reading Book Launch Nov/2001
Nahwegahbo family videos : Mark & Flo's Wedding 1
Nahwegahbo family videos : Mark & Flo's Wedding 19 : Star and her mother, woman dancing