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Musical Totem
Tips for using Zoom with a sign language interpreter
Building pan-African repertoires to disrupt anti-Black racism in music education
Planning the Project - Student Guide to Group Work
Communicating Effectively - Student Guide to Group Work
Understanding the Team - Student Guide to Group Work
Introduction to Group Work - Student Guide to Group Work
An Introduction to Climate Justice Activism in Toronto
Wrapping Up on Climate Justice in Toronto
"Perspectives on Openness": Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Art and Artists in Climate Justice
Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice
Digital Activism and Climate Justice
Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice
S/pace (open captions)
Integrating the music of Africa, the African diaspora, and persons of African descent: Black Music
Painting on Film with Adam Wolfond
Alain Badiou on the death of Che Guevara and the sameness of the world (2017)
Border People (2018)
The Feminist Porn Archive Project: Questions from a Working Ontologist
The computer as visual artist
Guest Lecture by Garry Geddes
Don't Write Me Off
Letter to the City Yet to Come
Jean Augustine interview: complete with subtitles, April 24, 2014
Jean Augustine interview: Yes Canada 92, No Brian 93 button
Jean Augustine interview: Women deliver button