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Musical Totem
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/James Earl Jones/Inniskillin Wine/The Waltons/Jean-Marc Rozon
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : "The Best of Dini"
The Dini Petty Show
The Dini Petty Show : Humble Howard/Anne Rice/Oscar Meyere Weinermobile/Hulk Hogan/Bettie Bradley
Papadatos recording
Papadatos recording
Trojan Horse Cafe performance
The Dini Petty Show: Episode 292 : 17 December 1990
Tips for using Zoom with a sign language interpreter
Traditional Folk Dances from the Bahamas
A collection and re-creation of Bahamian traditional dances
New Light / Ancient Light : Metaxy
Building pan-African repertoires to disrupt anti-Black racism in music education
Isaac family videos : Sacré-Cœur Christmas concert
Benzaine family videos : La Ronde
Kwan family videos : Birthdays in the Greater Vancouver Area
Baksh family videos : Mahaica Market, Guyana
Burke family videos : Christmas '92 : Sunrise
Burke family videos : Christmas '92 : Singing
Long family videos : Horseback riding
Valcin family videos : NYC 1969
Eddy family videos : running around sprinklers
Ozaki family videos : Christmas morning and playing in the snow
Ozaki family videos : children No. TWO, Kazuo - Centinnal Parade
Ozaki family videos : back-to-back birthdays