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Jean Augustine interview: We're Canadian take it to heart button
Jean Augustine interview: Jean throws buttons in corner
Jean Augustine interview: The Jean Team button
Jean Augustine interview: No to violence button
Jean Augustine interview: Growing together button
Jean Augustine interview: Buttons reflect Jean's passions
Jean Augustine interview: Equality under the law button
Jean Augustine interview: International Black Women's Congress button
Shenaz Baksh family [ : Mahaica Market, Guyana]
Shenaz Baksh family [ : road trip]
Shenaz Baksh family [ : Liberty Village]
Alain Badiou on the death of Che Guevara and the sameness of the world (2017)
Leah Burke 2/3 [ : sunrise]
Valcin family [ : NYC 1969]
Trinh Nha Truong 6 2 of 3
Azada Rahi 1/1 A
Azada Rahi 1/1 C
Azada Rahi 1/1 B
Guest Lecture by Garry Geddes
Border People (2018)
Don't Write Me Off
Stock footage of Keele campus : aerial shots, student life, construction sites, bookstore
The Dini Petty Show: Episode 292 : 17 December 1990
Stock footage of Keele campus : aerial shots, reversed film
Valcin family [ : Montreal 1971 snow storm]
Leah Burke 3/3 [ : Christmas]
Leah Burke 1/3 [ : England]
The Feminist Porn Archive Project: Questions from a Working Ontologist
Letter to the City Yet to Come
The Dini Petty Show