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Musical Totem
Tips for using Zoom with a sign language interpreter
Eddy family videos : running around sprinklers
Ozaki family videos : Christmas morning and playing in the snow
Ozaki family videos : children No. TWO, Kazuo - Centinnal Parade
Ozaki family videos : back-to-back birthdays
Watada family videos : shoveling snow
Watada family videos : boy in a sled
Watada family videos : autumn leaves
Communicating Effectively - Student Guide to Group Work
Understanding the Team - Student Guide to Group Work
"Perspectives on Openness": Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Nundy family videos : Winter in the Laurentian Mountains and Montreal
Nundy family videos : Snow balls, riding snowmobiles, and snowy landscapes
Nundy family videos : Exiting a cottage, driving away, and two children playing in the snow
Nundy family videos : Fall picnic barbecue
Husain family videos : Cityscapes of Iraq
S/pace (open captions)
Painting on Film with Adam Wolfond
Alain Badiou on the death of Che Guevara and the sameness of the world (2017)
Border People (2018)
Watada family videos : zoo animals
Chan family videos : RCMP weddings : part 2 of 4
Lo family videos : Christmas : part 3 of 4
Pafois family videos : compilation of home movies
Pafois family videos : compilation of home movies
Chen family videos : swimming at a lake