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Dog : Sam : Owned By Mrs. Gordon White [not used]
Dog : Doberman Pinscher Hellion : Attacked Baby
Dimetrodon [copy]
Dogs : Bulldogs [not used]
Cats : For Negs See Dogs Neg. Env. July 4/70
Dogs : St. Bernard Dogs at Markham Kennel
Dog : Poodle Clipping [not used]
Cat : Siamese Kittens
Animals : Deer : Bambi : High Park Zoo
Dogs : Poodles [not used]
Chimpanzee Heidi : At Hospital For Sick Children Nurses Residence.
Deer [not used]
Dog : Poodle [not used]
Cats : Owned by Mrs. Stitt
Cats : Celebration of Cats [not used]
Dog : Receiving Shots [not used]
Dogs : Dalmation etc. Re Cold Weather
Deer : At Riverdale Park [not used]
Dog : Spaniel Sally with Puff Ball
Deer : Deer Hit By Car [not used]
Dog : Rex : Bit Dog : A.E. Roberts Neg
Cat : Blackie : Owned by Mrs. C. Thorburn : See Dogs----Penny
Cats : At Thorncliffe Plaza [not used]
Dogs : Rhodesian Ridgeback : See Dr. H. Hethrington
Deer : With Baby : See Riverdale Park Zoo
Dog : Poodle Being Clipped
Dogs : German Shepppard [sic] Breeders : Field Trials [not used]
Cat : 20 yrs old. [not used]
Dog : Boy and Injured Dog [not used]