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[Fence lines]
Forest Fire on Agassiz Reserve
[Shorncliffe] community hall and theatre
Modern farming
Dam on Crystal Creek sponsored by the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilition Administration)
Wilson Farm [near] Belmont
Red River Lots
Destroyed woodlot at Hope Farm
Old plantation at Hope Farm, St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba
1906-built Ontario-style barn on the Harry Lowe farm
Cannington Manor
South (front) wall of "Didsbury"
Planning a new farmstead
Catfish [Vale], Alexander, Manitoba
St. Albans
19th-century Red River-style house in North Kildonan
Log buildings at Teylon [Ukrainian farmstead near] Netley Vale
Cactus Hills from west
Thatched home on the road to Kishinev/Chișinău in the Moldavian SSR
Prairie Lecture - Trent
Palliser Map - 1865
"New rail link divides the nation" Globe & Mail article (June 2, 1981) by Pierre Berton
Prof. Brown (Guelph University)'s recommendations on prairie shelter belts - 1884
Prairie population distribution in 1961
Canadian Pacific Railway Map of Western Canada - 1877
Paul Kane - Métis chasing buffalo 1846
"Winds conjure up dust bowl ghosts" Globe & Mail article (April 25, 1981) by Jeff Sallot
Shelter belt plan - [early 1900s]
Guy McCumsey building his house in Munson, Alberta - 1913
Peter Fidler survey of long lots at Red River - 1813 or 1817