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Papadatos - Yiannis and Vasilis having a break on the way to New York
PASOK MP - Skoularikis at Lyra, 1983(?)
First Greek festival music concert early 1980s
Olympion Room - Greek Concert - 1976
Papadatos in a demonstration at City Hall, 1973
G. Daniel and Papadatos and Goagas in a reception at UofT, 1981
Papathemelis (Greek Minister at the time visiting Toronto), mid-1980s.
Papadatos and Zekominos - early 1980s
Lyra - musicians performing early 1980s
Official visit to Canada, A. Papandreou, 1983
A. Papandreou official visit, Toronto, 1983
Companeros - Trojan HOrse, late 1970s
S. Karambekos at York University, 1980
S. Karambekos - composer Qouinta - 1980
Papadatos cleaning the mess on the stage after concert - 1981
Leontis - Titania - May 1980
George Papadatos welcoming Manos Loizos at the Pearson International Airport
From A. Papandreou's official visit to Toronto, 1983
musicians performing at the Trojan HOrse Coffee House, late 1970s.
Images of Modern Greece, Greek community, Toronto, P. Iannou.- 1980
A. Papandreou with his wife Maragert, Toronto, 1983
Greeks celebrating - 1980-1981
A. Papandreou - official visit, Toronto, 1983.
Playing music Domenico and Greek musicians in the a Greek Festival early 1980s.
Papadatos and Bob Rae at a Greek community event
Papadatos and Kalpouzos drinking coffee
Y. Regis and K. Kalpouzos