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Facing the elements: Building business resilience in a changing climate: case studies
Development of Options for A Vehicle Feebate in Canada - Final Report
Comparative Study of U.K. and Canadian Pension Fund Transparency Practices
Ecological Fiscal Reform and Energy Case Study on Renewable Grid-Power Electricity - Final Baseline and Economic Report
Economic Instruments for Long-term Reductions in Energy-based Carbon Emissions
Capital Markets and Sustainability: Investing in a Sustainable Future
Canada's Opportunity: Adopting Life Cycle Approaches for Sustainable Development
Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada - Technical Backgrounder
Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada
The Economic Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change For Canada
Costs to  Canada’s Health Care System of  Climate Change Impacts on Health ( Annex A )
Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. Policy Choices
Planning for Prosperity: Building Canada's Low-Carbon Growth Plan
Investment and Lock-In Analysis for Canada: Low Carbon Scenarios to 2050 - Final Report
Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy
Reality Check: The State of Climate Progress in Canada
Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada
Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. climate policy choices
Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada
Measuring up: Benchmarking Canada's competitiveness in a low carbon world