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S. Karambekos - composer Qouinta - 1980
Alex (plumber) and George Papadatos drinking at Neraida bar.
C. Gougas writing focused on his papers. On the left hand he hold a cigarette while on his lapel he has pined a tag.
Greek priest of the community having a meal with two men. Three women are conversing at another table.
Antonas (taxi driver) working at a coffee place.
T. Lyris is watching a scene at a park. Behind him other members of the audience are visible.
Christos Leontis conducting his orchestra at Titania.
The band with the singer Lambros Vasiliou performinh at the Trojan Horse Coffee House.
George Papadatos V. Avramidis and Kasimatis
Papadatos speaking at an event organized by KKE
George Papadatos with a straw hat playing chess with his roommate A. Antiochos on the Danforth.
Dinner of George Papadatos (left) and friends at Byzantium restaurant.
Participants in a gathering of the Greek Community of Toronto are standing and listening to a speech.
Armando, Belesis and friends
George Papadatos holding a recorder and interviewing a young lady while on the other hand holding a file with notes.
Leonidas Polimenakos (President) addresses his colleagues at the Greek Community of Toronto.
Antonios Vazintaris (poet) with a leather jacket looking and smiling at the camera.
From left C. Gougas, Bishop Sotirios and a Canadian politician.
C. Bartzokas at the Greek Community of Toronto
George Papadatos - Charalambidis (professor)
A Canadian journalist from CBC visiting the premises of DECA publications (owned by Avialis).
T. Parlanis, G. Xekomninos
General Assembly, Greek Community of Toronto
Canadian journalist from C.B.C. visiting the premises of DECA publications talking to George Papadatos.
Yiannis Markopoulos - composer - Trojan Horse Coffee House
Andreas Papandreou - official visit
Images of modern Greece
George Papadatos interviewing Mr. Moniatakos
George Tzouras
Andreas Papandreou - official visit to Canada as prime minister