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Toronto Island : Winter sports
Porcupine : Children's Pet [not used]
Dog : See Scarboro, Ont. Internartional All Breed Dog Show
Dog : Collie, Brigitte Returns Home After Being Treated for Poisoning : See Lions
Dogs : Boxer Pups With Camera : Frank Grant Negs Not Turned In
Dogs : Rhodesian Ridgeback : See Dr. H. Hethrington
Dog : Rusty Owned by Alfred Casquenett : Pete Ward Negs Not Turned In
Dog : Toy Collie, Lassie, Which Bit Boy : See Mrs. Mina Aitken
Dog : Collie, Lassie, Which Bit Boy : See Mrs. Mina Aitken
Dog : Rex : Bit Dog : A.E. Roberts Neg
Deer : With Baby : See Riverdale Park Zoo
Deer With Fawn : Neg Property of Albert Van
Cow : Brampton Lady Beacon : See Brampton, Ont. Cattle Sale
Cow : Day Old Calf Weighs 151lbs : Taken by Russell Cooper
Cow : Brampton Belle Beacon Champion Jersey Cow : Taken by Bill Foote
Animals : Chimpanzee : Heidi : See Hippies--Music Love in Queens Park
Cats : For Negs See Dogs Neg. Env. July 4/70
Cat : Persian Kitten : See Lions--David The Lion Cub
Cats : Manx : See Margaret Boorne
Cats : Cat Pole : See Toronto Humane Society
Cat : Blackie : Owned by Mrs. C. Thorburn : See Dogs----Penny
Cat : 24 Years Old : See Wendy Thompson
Cat : 20 Years Old : See Mrs. James Mc Cuaig
Cat : Misty--Eating Melon [neg not received from Ward]
Dogs : Obedience Test [not used]
Dog Obedience Course at Lawrence Plaza
Dogs : Poodle Adopts Chihuahua Puppies [not used]
Dog : Yorkshire Terrier Having Hair Curled
Dog : Samoyed and Pups [not used]
Dogs : Poodles at Poodle Studio