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A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy
Falling behind: Canada's lost clean energy jobs
Offshore: Oil and gas workers' views on industry conditions and the energy transition
Energy scenario: Employment implications of the Paris Climate Agreement
Submission from the CCPA to Natural Resources Canada's consultation on a people-centred just transition
Working Harmoniously on the Earth: CUPE's National Environment Policy
Tracking the Energy Transition 2021: The New Reality
Women in Alberta's Energy Transition: A review of barriers to participation and leadership
Buy Clean: How Public Construction Dollars Can Create Jobs and Cut Pollution
Re-Energizing Canada: Pathways to a Low-Carbon Future
Making Kyoto work: A transition strategy for Canadian energy workers
Facing fossil fuels' future: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers in Canada's Energy and Labour Transitions
Building the green economy: Employment effects of green energy investments for Ontario